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Cloud & Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t simply about technology. It’s about understanding the challenges and opportunities that your organisation faces, and identifying strategic solutions. Once identified, business processes must be optimised in response, your people appropriately deployed, and technologies leveraged to achieve true and effective transformation.

The challenge for the technology leader is fourfold.

First is to gain unwavering clarity of understanding in the desired business outcomes. Second is to find the needle in the haystack – the right technology solutions provided by suitably capable vendors. Third is to consider how any new solutions can integrate with your existing legacy environments. Fourth and finally is to determine how your IT teams and processes need to adapt to deliver a performant service.

Cloud solutions are a key enabler in any digital transformation. However, services must be chosen carefully to avoid issues such as vendor lock-in, meeting organisational security policy, and uncontrolled costs.

At PTS we help organisations grapple with the underlying complexities of digital transformation to ensure that IT isn’t the transformation blocker! We support the end-to-end process from business requirements elicitation, through product and service procurement, implementation management, and finally to adoption and transformation.

Technology and Business Advisory