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Data Centres

With the reliance on IT for nearly all business processes, your Data Centre is one of the most critical elements of your IT estate. Of course, there’s a good chance that the Data Centre you rely on doesn’t even belong to you. In fact, there are likely many different Data Centres in your environment, and possibly multiple providers in addition to owned Data Centre assets.

Your most critical hidden asset.

Any disruption can have catastrophic financial and reputational impact on your organisation. Data Centre failure is simply not an option. Yet there are many factors that influence the Data Centre beyond business needs. You must respond to ever changing external threats, changes in legislation, changes in providers, etc. etc.  As an IT leader you must ensure your Data Centre strategy is kept up to date and in alignment with all these needs, both current and future.

PTS has been providing enterprise Data Centre expertise for 40 years. As a result, we have deep expertise spanning the entire Data Centre life-cycle covering Strategy, Due Diligence, Procurement and Contract Negotiation, Design, Implementation and Fit-Out management.

Data Centre

Measuring the Value of your Data Centre

The optimised Data Centre is a key asset to your business whether it’s built for your use, or you are utilising a colocation facility. Specialist Data Centre Service Providers provide facilities that generally exceed their build specifications and it is not uncommon to have an adverse experience and interruption free term within a well-managed facility.

Selecting and developing your design of the Data Centre space is key if you are to obtain the best results from the facility. Data Centres are all designed differently and understanding the design of the facility is key to maximise your term in the facility.

The key values to focus on when selecting your Data Centre are:

Data Centre Key Values

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Data Centres