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Enterprise Projects and Programmes

Delivering change and achieving transformation is difficult. How difficult? According to a 2020 study, 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail! It doesn’t matter which surveys you read, the results are always bleak.

40 years of project delivery excellence.

A key reason for this is a lack of project and programme management expertise. The Project Management Institute found “Only 58% of organisations fully understand the value of project management … (and) … only 23% of organisations use standardized project management practices across the entire organization.”

At PTS we’ve spent the past 40 years bringing the experience, expertise, and discipline to successfully accelerate change and deliver business benefit for some of the world’s most recognised enterprises. It is a relationship that ranges from small ‘experimental’ engagements and specific interventions, through to strategic partnerships of greater scope and scale.

Whether at the level of the IT system, IT service or whole organisation, change is delivered through projects and programmes.

IT Woman Augmenting Interface
Programme Management Core Practice

Components of a Solution

For complex enterprise environments, PTS offers the services of its Enterprise PPM Practice; it is the product of forty years’ experience and consists of four distinct but mutually reinforcing disciplines.

Technical Project Management – the discipline by which change is accelerated output by output

Project Management Office – the transient management vehicle to govern multi-method, multi-project environments with the greatest efficiency

Programme Management – the delivery of business outcomes from projects in combination

Programme Assurance – the reshaping of the project environment to retain and restore confidence in the change programme

These four are inter-connected via a Core of Shared Practice – industry best practice, PTS proprietary practice, standards, methods, disciplines, tools and techniques that can be leveraged over local, regional or global projects and programmes to accelerate change.

Our Standard Delivery Process

Enterprise Projects and Programmes

Our aim is to serve complex enterprises via trusted business relationships.

To this end, out EPPM Model, derived from primary research, reflects the full-service needs of enterprise.

The EPPM model is modular to design, build, operate and close turnkey programmes while capable of decomposition into point solutions.

EPPM Process