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Workplace Transformation

The Workplace used to be a single location. But now, just like Marvin Gaye said, “Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home.”, the workplace has become the same. You might be working in the office, in another overseas office, a client’s office, at home, or even in the local coffee shop. The expectation from the business user is a seamless experience.

Modern workplaces contain a lot of complexity.

With hybrid work set to remain for the white-collar worker, the traditional workplace now has to work harder to be appealing and to entice people into the office at least some of the time!

PTS has been assisting organisations with their workplace technology for 40 years. Whether it’s defining the technology in the office such as audio visual, or even within the walls when it comes to structured cabling. Right up to the mobile devices in people’s hands. We match technology to business needs, define your strategy, help with the procurement, and oversee the implementation.

Modern workplaces contain a lot of complexity